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Diverse IT has a state of the art SOC and SOAR so your can get a high-level view of the health of your business at any time through a custom dashboard.

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IT Security is needed for all businesses small, medium, or large.


Companies today must adhere to proper handling of data – consent, notice, and regulatory obligations.

Industry Certified

We have an educated and experienced staff that has the latest IT security certifications.

// Approach

Our Approach To Security

Secure By Design

Our services enable organizations to automate its data security controls and formalize the design of its infrastructure so it can build security into its IT management processes.

Compliant By Design

We setting up your systems and processes in such a way that manual human intervention is rarely required to ensure adherence to regulations.

Continuous Monitoring

This service enables rapid and continuous detection of compliance issues and security risks within the IT infrastructure.


IT Security Consulting

We combine the research, analysis, modeling and strategy development of a traditional consulting firm with the proven ability to deploy, integrate and operate complex infrastructure solutions at scale around the world.

Cyber Security

Protect your reputation, business assets and intellectual property with a holistic security approach.

Secure Managed IT

Our custom solutions are designed to give you freedom and flexibility, with all of our service tiers exceeding industry standards.


We implement effective controls to protect your organizations assets that meet regulatory or contractual requirements.

Disaster Planning

We have recorded policy, practices, and/or processes that are designed to assist an organization in executing disaster recovery.

Secure Awareness Training

We provide training that educates your organization and it's employees about virtual and physical IT security.

Secured Cloud Platform

We have a OOTB Public and Private Secured Cloud Platform that protects your systems, data, and infrastructure.

Innovative Protection

For Your Organization

Our SOAR enables organizations to collect inputs monitored by our experienced team that performs incident analysis and triage. This service leverages a combination of human and machine power.

This services allows an organization to define incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format.

Our Regulatory solutions safeguard your organizations IT systems with the purpose of protecting your systems and information from attacks. Everything from GDPR, PCI, HIPPA, etc.

We protect our customers’ sensitive information, and better assist them in meeting their regulatory requirements, in advance of a breach as an additional means of preventing them.

Diverse IT can help you understand how to address challenges unique to your organization in order to achieve the business outcomes you need. No matter where you are in your endpoint protection journey, together, we can evaluate, design, implement and operate the best technology to secure your endpoint ecosystem.

We provide a host of managed threat detection and response services and has many years of experience with organizations across various industries.

Our SOCaaS security operations (SecOps) services manage and monitor logs, devices, multi-clouds, network and assets for internal security and IT teams. Our services provide organizations with IT Security professional services that have the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cybersecurity threats.

This innovative services provides organizations with a comprehensive security service that covers their entire security technology stack and all teams that are involved with cybersecurity (security operations, threat intelligence, data forensics, incident response, threat hunting, etc.).

24/7 Cyber Security Center

Your organization's vulnerability to cyberattacks are not limited to standard business hours.

UBA Monitoring

Malware Removal

SIEM Threat Detection

Web Gateway

Data Protection

Network Security

Mail Gateway


Cloud Security


The Most Complete And

Effective Protection

Cognitive Analytics

We analyze large data sets and give structure to the unstructured systems and data.

Embedded Security

We ensure that security is interwoven throughout our process, platforms, and infrastructure.

Project Management

We do the planning, organizing and delineating for the completion of an organizations' IT goals.


Complete Cloud Security

Diverse IT securs cloud computing systems and infrastructure by keeping your information/data private and safe across online-based infrastructure, applications, and platforms. Protect against internal threats like misconfiguration of user accounts and external threats like malware, phishing, DDoS attacks, and more.

Data Security/Protection

Our data security provides end of threat prevention and protection.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

We use UBA to continuously monitor for potential abnormal activity.

24/7 Cyber Security Support

We protect your organization’s information systemns and data 24/7.

Governance and Risk Management

Ensure data is processed, stored, transmitted, secured, and protected.

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Implement Firewall

Endpoint Detection

Virtual Private Network

Employee Training

Mail Gateway


Secure Devices

Password Enforcement

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The DIT Cyber team has extensive experience with industry standards and best practices including: NIST CSF, FISMA, FedRAMP, PCI DSS; OWASP; CIS-CSC for effective Cyber Defense; and others.



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